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well hello boys and girls
come on in, see the show
its the mystikal magical, great dark carnival
dont bother lookin 4 parking
get rid of it
its not like your ever comin back u fuckin idiot!

i fuckin hate so many fuckin people....its fuckin crazy. i think im gonna end up like shooting a bunch of mother fuckers in the go on some fuckin serial killing can fuckin see that shit!!!im feeling rather homicidal this morning....anyone else care to join me?

peace out fuckers.....
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LOL* I can't to preggo LOL

Maybe you should kill that kid before it grows up to be a loser like it's parents already are.

So, how much of my tax dollars will be paying for that bastard child of yours? You gonna marry the father?
and you call other people losers?.....if we are such losers, why do you waste your time to read our live journals. if you really thought we were losers you wouldnt feel bad for you....your wifes probably a fat whore and your kids are probably just as ugly and retarded as you.(thats why you waste all this time on lj insulting others) and for someone who still shits his pants, you do have some balls i have to admit. why dont you go to the store, buy some depends and shut the fuck up....and if you take the time to comment to this you'll just be proving my go ahead mr.shitty pants...prove my'll always be a fucking pathetic loser.

and just a little something you should know...normal people stop shitting there pants when they're babies. maybe you should take care of that little problem of yours.
>.....if we are such losers, why do you waste your time to
> read our live journals.

Wait, you just did that!


Loser. Would you like to spout more ignorance?
lol!!!!!so your not denying that you shit in your own pants...that is so fucking disgusting. i really dont have anything else to say to a fucking loser who shits his own fucking pants...except that you are a sick fuck. and how can you call anyone a loser if you shit your pants.. you shit your pants gross. thanks for proving my point shitter.

Deleted comment

tanya...your baby will be potty trained before pahsons ever will be...
and you did prove piggy's point are a loser who fuckin shits his go wipe your ass and stop reading our lj's loser. lol
Course, none of you whiggers read that link.
It's not a problem with your anus it's called karma you treat people like shit and now you shit your pants it's sort of ironic and as for my child that was really low.. Sorry it came down to this but you went to far.. I would never tell you to kill your children.. one.. because they have nothing to do this.. two because that's a low I would never reach
Me telling you to kill your kids was to save them from a life of ignorant parents who will spend more time doing drugs and listening to evil whigger rapping clowns than teaching it the ABCs or changing it's diaper.

Plus, your child will be a bastard IT'S ENTIRE LIFE.
if ur gonna insult me by callin me that at least spell it right...
Whigger is spelled correctly
u know what why dont u just stop no1 cares what ur sayin

Re: potty trained


13 years ago

Deleted comment

you know that pregnant people have a chance of shitting themselves during labor? there's some sort of medical term for it, but in this case, it's called KARMA.